Creating new, unique, FREE BLOG BACKGROUNDS for you!


Do you like what you see, but need something JUST FOR YOU? We can do custom orders for you or your business.


Please be aware that for some elements {signature & post divider}, they will need to be added into your HTML code. If you are comfortable with this, then we will be able to give you the code and then you can add it yourself. HOWEVER, if you are not comfortable with adding things to your HTML code, or do not know how, we will have to obtain your username and password so that we can add them for you. We will promptly destroy that information after we have completed the task.***

Here is an example of a personal/family blog coordinated custom design :

BACKGROUND: Custom designed and the rest will coordinate perfectly!

HEADER: Your very own header to match the rest of your page! This can include a picture of your family.

SIGNATURE: Leave your own signature at the end of every post. {*this is an item that will need to be put into the HTML code}

POST DIVIDER: Rather than the standard dotted/solid line in between posts, add a creative divider. {*this is an item that will need to be put into the HTML code}

Other fun gadgets...

BUTTON: Get the traffic flowing by adding a button with a link to your site.

We save button

Want to add an HTML/Java script code box?

My Posh Baby Designs

ADD TO CART/BUY NOW BUTTON: customize your paypal buttons.


BLINKIE: Add some panache to your button by adding layers that blink!

star blinkieComments

Want to add a HTML/Java script code box?


***Because these items are custom made, the time-frame for completion will vary according to demand and our busy schedules! You will receive an e-mail from us giving you an estimated completion date.